Build Your Empire w/ Kingdom Strategist

Build Your Empire w/ Kingdom Strategist

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Build Your Empire Broadcast is a show that teaches biblical principles/strategies for personal, professional and spiritual growth and development for individuals, business, and ministries. We are educating and equipping individuals around the world to build and expand in their dreams, goals, visions, purpose, and destiny through biblical principles and applications.

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Build Your Empire Broadcast is produced every Wednesday night at 5:00 pm EST with your host the Kingdom Strategist, Dr. Derashay Zorn



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14 December 2020

Ministry of Giving with Phylisa Dever

Kingdom Influencer's Broadcast
31 July 2020

The P's of Pandemic & Epidemic Success Series - Dr. Derashay Zorn

Kingdom Influencer's Broadcast
The world is going through a global pandemic and lives are being affected drastically and at an alarming rate as we experience a global economic downturn, job losses, businesses permanent and temporarily closing, deaths, lockdowns, and so much more. This pandemic is an open display of the epidemic that many have lived from generation to generation due to their gender, skin color, religious preferences, and the list goes on. The pandemic has shown a physical disease that has affected global markets. However, it thrives from the same mental, emotional, social, and financial epidemics that social classes have to endure due to the disease of the heart of humankind. In this series of the P’s of Pandemic and Epidemic Success, we will be discussing the word "PURPOSE" and its ability to navigate your success in any crisis.
27 June 2020

Episode 58 - Pandemic Proof Your Life - Build Your Empire w/ Kingdom Strategist

Kingdom Influencer's Broadcast
Many people were not prepared for the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic. It has affected the way of life for many as companies closed their doors and people lost their jobs. This domino effect has negatively impacted household throughout the world. if you were not affected you know someone in your circle of influence that was impacted. In this episode of the Build Your Empire w/ Kingdom Strategist we will be discussing three things that you can do right now to pandemic proof your life.