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About You Podcast

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Join Jamal Abdallah, Rophus Mwacharo, Juma Nasoro and weekly special guests as we teach 'us' how to fail better, beat resistance and enjoy the benefits that come from compliting a dream project; about you.



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18 March 2019

Why millennials are redefining marriage.

Jay Fm
Rama Mwachili is a change ambassador in his community and married! He joins us in the conversation on why millennials are no longer interested in getting married. JayBlack highlights on what his blog aims at; Rophus talks about why cohabiting is appealing to mist millennials than marriage. Hamza shares about him searching for the one. Jamal lays out facts on why millennials are different from the other generations when it comes to marriage.
06 March 2019

Transformational Leadership in Africa

Jay Fm
It is no-longer funny, Kenyans aren’t as patriotic as they seem! Dr. Bulushi Ibrahim the new CEO, Wakf Commission of Kenya, joins us on the conversation about ‘Transformational Leadership’. Don’t be fooled by Rophus’ smile, he zoned out all through - only to treat us to what he called a good closing remark. Hamza graced some fine melody as JayBlack was fired up on his concept of a perfect Africa through totalism! Jamal had a different idea of the same...
19 December 2018

Increasing one's value in-light of delayed gratification.

Jay Fm

This week, Rophus shows off his muscles to the team; talking about delayed gratification, his addiction and hitting the gym. Rehema Ganguma joins us and shares the power of meditation and light moments on privileges of getting steamed-up on a hot afternoon... Hamza clarifies about his new status as a pig, while Nadine Justin creeped up on her crush on set. Jamal underlines the importance of vision as JayBlack expounds on the power of planning early so as to increase value to oneself.