TECH C IN MUSIC ENJOY NYE 2021 (live streaming) #10
31 December 2020

TECH C IN MUSIC ENJOY NYE 2021 (live streaming) #10

Tech C


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is a techno dj & producer based in Naples, Italy, extremely fascinated by black music, genesis of techno, interfacing with house music naturally ...
Mainly influenced by the vein of Detroit / Chicago / New York, skipping from Italy to Switzerland and again to Berlin and the rest of Europe, Tech C has been able to expand its capabilities by spreading its sound by participating in festivals such as Love Parade In Germany, and in places such as Metropolis, Cyclope and Twister in Italy, Eiffel in Shenzhen (China), Oxa in Zurich and more.

He has played with several djs and producers including Mark Broom, DJ Lukas, dj Du'art, dj Sasha Carassi, dj Felix Kröcher, dj Horacio Cruz, dj Danilo Vigorito, dj Murphy, dj Fernanda Martins, dj Paula Cazenave, dj Professor Fatima Hajji, DJ Karm Rise.

Tech C is a musical evolutionary DJ, always in search of new ideas and goals and experimenting with new ways, reinventing new languages: in its manipulative sets, it transforms, contaminates sounds in search of the possible infinite combination, challenging canons and prejudices, playing Knowingly with technology and everything that allows you to create and re-elaborate music as if it were color .

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