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The Blitz Sports Magazine is the preeminent sports podcast on flowing through the Internet airwaves. We talk sports and combine social elements such as economics, politics, technology, race among other issues and create honest forward-thinking narratives that are balanced and objective. We are the truth serum for an industry that is notorious for telling one-side of a story from people who only know how to tell it one way. We are the voice of the athlete when they are oblivious of their plight. We are the only ones in the field of play who aren’t afraid of playing way beyond the whistle. We are constantly bringing the smart people to the building to incite the necessary truths that this industry continuously tries to hide.  We are the epitome of everything sports should be; competitive, smart, accurate, fair and mostly importantly fun. In short, we level the playing field. Hosted by Malik & Stadium Barbershop Publishes Weekly



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17 November 2019

S1E8: Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast - Colin Kaepernick Beyond The Shield | Eagles vs Patriots | Wiseman and the NCAA

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast

This week, Malik talks Colin Kaepernick!  Colin's exhibition workout has everyone skeptical of the NFL's real intention.   Words like Collusion, Disingenuous and The Ali Effect come up in the overall conversation.

NE Patriots - - Steve Balestrieri  (@SteveB7SFG) calls in to talk about the Eagles vs Patriots game.  Pre-Game analysis.   Super-Bowl High still in effect.   They also talk about:  Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon and Aaron Hernandez.

Sharee Graham from (@S2NFL) calls in to talk football.  NFL Overall status,  NFL QBs and the difference between Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson.  NFL inconsistent Referee play calls and challenges. 

Malik digs into the NCAA - James Wiseman / Penny Hardaway / Memphis Tigers challenges.  Further discussion: Alabama's issues after loosing to LSU.

This is Fly Sports Talk Not Dry Sports Talk!



11 November 2019

S1E7: Politics - Sports and Football Still Don't Mix | Kawhai's Load / Business Management | Crazy Birds - Popeyes and the Eagles

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast  w/ Malik Spann 11/5/19 EP7.  This week for Malik it's all about the Eagles. But first, he is not following why the people are going crazy over Popeye's fried chicken sandwiches.  The employees should be paid more.   This week's guest is Gene Clemons, Sports Analyst from Football Game Plan.  The conversation goes in on the NFL, NBA, Trump, Alabama vs LSU, Willie Taggart and Politics!

Football:  Are the Eagles getting sloppy?  Mid-way through the season, what does the Eagles need to do to prepare for the upcoming game against the Patriots?  

Malik and Gene agrees that Russell Wilson is the NFL MVP of the season.

And noted that the Top 5 Quarterbacks in the league are all  African-American:

  1. Russel Wilson
  2. Patrick Mahomes
  3. Dak Prescott
  4. Lamar Jackson
  5. Deshawn Watson

Politics and Football:  Donald Trump's insistence to attend the LMU vs Alabama football game.  The subtle and not so subtle messages sent.  What happened to free speech? Is this Fascism?     | Also, Willie Taggart's firing from FSU mid-season feels wrong.  

Canelo vs Kovalev is agreed to be the worst fight of the year.  Gene Clemons provides a different insight into what could have happened.

NBA: Kawhai Leonard's Load Management has everyone talking.  Gene thinks is more business management than load management.  

Music Soundtrack:  - Indie Music; Kalid - Talk; Young Dolph - Altunnit …; Chief Keef - Jet Li

Gene Clemmons can be reached at @geneclemmons 


03 November 2019

S1E6: Kanye, White Supremacy and Hip Hop | Desean Jackson - Byron Jackson and Team DeJacks | Canelo vs Sergey

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast
20 October 2019

S1E5: Blitz Sports Magazine | Lebron and the Woke Crew - ‘I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Them Vietcong’

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast

10.19.2019  S1EP5 This week, Malik covers the Lebron James/NBA/China/Hong Kong controversy.   He is joined by Anthony Gilbert, Sports Writer for Hoop Magazine and

As for the war in Vietnam, Muhammad Ali, condemned racial discrimination in America, declaring that “no Vietcong ever called me nigger.”  He went on to turn down the demand to enlist to fight in the war and served time in jail for not fighting.  He said:  ‘I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Them Vietcong’

This week, LeBron James stepped up to try to share the point of view of most black people in the US after Daryl Morey tweeted his solidarity thoughts with the plight of the people in Hong Kong - and the subsequent fallout from the tweet.   LeBron's comments brought to mind the time, feel and comments made by Muhammad Ali when pressed to fight in the US Military in the Vietnam War.  ... there is so much going on in the US with cries of crimes against humanity in the black community.   This is a hot issue.  Hot conversation.  Listen.

76ers.  Both Malik and Anthony believe this is possibly the best 76er team since the early 80s.    Anthony shares some information about his upcoming story on Joe Johnson and his return to the NBA.   

Is the NBA ready for Zion Williamson?

Also discussed: Eagles, Dallas, Rams, and the Cleveland Browns

Kanye West appeared at Howard University's Homecoming wearing a MAGA hat.  It was controversial and the appearance was a low turnout.  

Music Playlist: Public Enemy [Public Enemy #1; Letter from the Government]; Jay Rock - WIN; Method Man featuring Redman, Streetlife & Hanz On - Wild Cats


*Note all songs played are licensed through broadcast license with ASCAP, SESAC and BMI.







12 October 2019

S1E4: Blitz Sports Magazine | The US Chastises China for Human Rights - Like Really? | Doctor Ben Simmions| NFL Breakdown

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast

This week on Blitz Sports Magazine, Malik talks about the China/NBA/Hong Kong situation.  He has a different take on the whole situation.  With all that is going on in America - do we really have the right to damn any country for human rights issues?  Also, NBA vs NFL and the right to freedom of expression is very interesting.

Next, Ben Simmons made a 3 point shot.  Malik had mixed feelings about the entire hoopla about it.

Boxing - in a few short years, Triple G is no longer the big threat?  Malik talks boxing - Canelo, Triple G, and Spence vs Porter.

NFL Roundup.  Malik continues grading the NFL.  Last week, he gave grades to the NFC.  This week, he runs down and grades the AFC. 

Guest host today is Adam Stanco from Rejecting the Screen Podcast.

This is the best Live Sports talk Not Jive Sports talk!


06 October 2019

S1E3: Blitz Sports Magazine | Truth Serum - Stop Crying about the Eagles! | Shaq vs Dame Rap Beef | Spence vs Porter Review

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast

In this week's conversation, after arguments about how bad the Eagles are this season, Malik steps up and challenges the cry babies to stop crying.  The Eagles are not that bad...He gives the Eagles a Solid B.  Then  Malik rates a few NFL teams to compare at this point in the season.  

NFC: Dallas A-;  Giants B; Redskins D; Bears B; Lions B; Vikings C; Packers A; Saints A; Tampa B; Panthers C ; Falcons D; 49ers B+; Seahawks A; Rams B;  Cardinals C

AFC: Steelers D; Dolphins D; Jets D;

Listen to the logic behind the ratings!

Malik then digs into US politics - the state of America today with Guest Host: Sports writer Bradley Smith from Brad Smith Sports, Santa Monica, CA.  The two of them talk politics, the state of America today with gang-style politics.

NFL - Guessing who would be the MVP this year in the NFL: Patrick Mahomes vs Dak Prescott

Reviewing Quaterbacks; Antionio Brown situation and Kap.

Malik invites listeners to give feedback on the Rap Beef between Shaq and Damian Leonard.  Plays highlights of both tracks. 

Review: Malik gave Shaq 1 1/2 stars | Dame 3 stars out of 4

California Fair Pay Act disussed

Guest Host Boxing: TY from Keep It 100 Boxing.   Malik and TY talk Errol Spence vs Shawn Porter boxing along with related contenders. Will Floyd Mayweather come back for Canelo?  



Exciting show. 

28 September 2019

S1E2: Blitz Sports Magazine - Truth Serum | Football is Too Soft - Like What? 9/28/2019

Blitz Sports Magazine Podcast

Blitz Sports Magazine 9.28.2019   Philadelphia, PA   This week, Malik tears into the NFL.:  Are the Philadelphia Eagles too soft?   Missing the days of solid hits, confident footwork. Studio Guest: Jim McCormick of ESPN Fantasy.  ESPN Social Media Specialist / Boxing Analyst - Kel Dansby.


  •  Carson Wentz
  •  Philadelphia Eagles
  •  The Ultimate Eagles Fan
  •  Miles Sanders
  •  Baker and the Cleveland Browns
  •  Cam Newton
  •  Russell Wilson - most under-rated player in the league
  • 76ers  [Tobias Harris, Simmons, etc]
  •  Lakers [LeBron and AD]
  • Boxing [Mayweather, Canelo, Pacquiao, and the state of boxing\

Music history - Philly vs New York and the move to help LA win the music game. Music theme - Dis-Tracks.

This week's music playlist: 

  •  New York - Dogg Pound
  •  Ether - Nas
  •  Kick In the Door - Biggie Smalls
  •  Death of Auto-tune - Jay-Z
  • 10% Dis - McLyte

All music is licensed through ASCAP, SESAC, BMI and SoundsExchange broadcast license.