Operation Warp Speed; Essential Workers Fight For Benefits
01 May 2020

Operation Warp Speed; Essential Workers Fight For Benefits


The Trump administration is calling the effort to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 "Operation Warp Speed." Dr. Anthony Fauci says if all goes well, we could have hundreds of millions of vaccines as early as next January.

Today is International Workers Day, and this year workers at Amazon, Walmart and Target are using the occasion to organize mass protests. They say their companies are not doing enough to protect and compensate them, even as the nation hails them as "essential."

Today is also historically known as National College Decision Day for college-bound high school seniors. But that's changed this year too. Many colleges have postponed their decision deadlines to June 1. And as the pandemic continues to cause students' personal circumstances to change, some are reconsidering attending a four-year college full time at all.

In New York City, a funeral director says knowing that his team is performing a service for their community helps him get through long and stressful days.

Plus, some happy news: NPR producer Emma Talkoff's twin sister and her now-husband got married in their apartment last weekend. Talkoff shares what it was like for her family to witness the joyful moment via Zoom.

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This episode was recorded and published as part of this podcast's former 'Coronavirus Daily' format.