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Family & Friends

Your Voice of Hope
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So many families are currently separated from each other. Most of our elderly family and friends may not be visited due to being vulnerable. And so we miss each other more than words can say. Voice of Hope has decided to host a special program during which we will broadcast short voice messages to our loved ones. You are invited to record a, not longer than 60 seconds voiceclip on your cellphone and send it to us, via WhatsApp. Voiceclips must be in Mp3 format and the content suitable for public broadcast. Mention your name and the person you are addressing with a short message. You may use this opportunity to wish them for a specific occasion or just encourage them. If you know their favorite song, we will try and include it, during the broadcast. Voice of Hope however may reject any message which is considered not suitable for public broadcast. This program will be aired on Sunday Afternoons from 14h00 to 16h00 Central Africa Time.



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