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Real Life Christian Communities, or RLCC for short, is a fellowship of Christian communities located in various places but united under one vision frame. For more information, please visit https://rlcc.ph.



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27 September 2021

The True Substance Of Our Hope

Except for a few negative people, most people have some kind of hope. But not all hope is the same. Most people are just hoping for (or wishing for) a better situation. They are just hoping that the virus would go away and we will be able to finally go back to our normal way of living. But the longer it takes, this kind of hope often leads to frustration and eventually hopelessness. What kind of hope do we truly need? It's the kind of hope that the apostle Paul calls "the hope of the glory of God." (Romans 5:1-5) What does it mean? #churchonline #bible #rlccphil If you need prayer, contact us on Messenger. https://m.me/rlccphil
07 March 2021

Lord Do You Care - Our Story Part 1 (3-7-2021)

Bong Baylon
"Lord, do you care?" (Our Story - Part 1) Sometimes we feel that we are the only ones who are feeling whatever it is that we are feeling. We say, "No one can really understand me." But when we look into the word of God, especially the Gospels, we discover people who are just like us, experiencing the same thing as we are experiencing. We discover that we are not alone in our experiences. We discover that other people's stories can also be our story. How Jesus touched their lives can also be the way that Jesus can touch our lives. Their story can become our story. Join us on the following platforms starting this Sunday, March 7, for a new sermon series that can encourage each and every one of us. 1. Real Life TV - https://tv.rlcc.ph​ 2. Facebook - https://facebook.com/rlccphil/live​ 3. YouTube - https://youtube.com/rlccphil​ 4. RLCC website - https://rlcc.ph​ 5. Get Real app - https://app.rlcc.ph
21 February 2021

Been there. Done that. Whatever.

Bong Baylon
It hurts when people do not fulfill our expectations. When it happens over and over, we get hurt even more and it becomes a repeated disappointment. When this happens, and it does not stop, we eventually become indifferent. We say to ourselves, or to others, "Been there. Done that. Whatever." This is the challenge of indifference, which is the opposite of love. How do we overcome this? Join us this Sunday for Part 3 of our Wrestling with Love series to learn how.
08 February 2021

Wrestling with Love.mp3

Bong Baylon
It's not easy to love others. It's like entering a wrestling match. Especially during this pandemic, we tend to get into each other's nerves. There are conflicts everywhere because of unfulfilled expectations. Although we want to give and receive love, we often end up hurting each other. How do we overcome the challenges of love? Join us starting tomorrow for a new series entitled "Wrestling with Love." Together we can overcome the challenges of love.