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24 May 2020

Is it proper the way Nigeria police is been used as a bodyguard?

Tobimic & AY 'D Village Pikin'
Is not news regards to the situation of security in the country which makes the security personnel not to work for the common man but rather been used as a security guard for the elite, it has also made the common man to be oppressed because this personnel is now the tools used against the common man to suppress them and prove their lordship over the poor. A lot of Nigerians are clamoring that Security personnel henceforth not to be used as personal personnel that law should be created to back up this, in order to have a society that is free, where poor massive can express their views.
17 May 2020

Should Lagos State Government Impose Another Lockdown Or Not?

Tobimic & AY 'D Village Pikin'
Lagos State has been impressive in limiting the spread of COVID_19 virus since it came to Nigeria from the first case till date, the first lockdown did not yield a positive result, and looking at the number of new cases detected and a number of those recovered, easing the lockdown increase the cases on a daily basis. Considering the level of compliance with the government’s directives on limiting the spread of Corona Virus in Lagos State, should the State Government impose another Lockdown or not? Listen and Enjoy!!!