Zombie Diaries

Zombie Diaries

Ediee Diaz II

About this show

Zombie Diaries is a Mature Podcast Show About the Apocalypse and Creepypasta’s with Neon Aesthetic And Huge 80’s And Pop Culture Influences Enjoy The Drama From The Ground Up.
- New Seasons Of The Creepypasta Show Every 3 Months!
- New Content Updated and added often!
- New Music Updates To Chill Fm 83.5 Pop Radio!
Instagram: @Zombiediaries66
Original Creator Ediee Diaz II Since 2018
Launched Originally As Creepypastajr in 2018
Rebooted In 2019 as Welcome To 80’s Horror
Acquired By Spotify in November of 2020 as Zombie Diaries




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