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Abundant Faith Prayer Conference

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Women of faith from multiple faith disciplines joining together for Bible Study and Prayer. For prayer, dial 1-866-395-6873



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05 January 2021

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - Don't Abort the Mission (04Jan2021)

Arnette D. Owen
Many of you have been experiencing ruthless attacks on your finances, health, peace of mind, your ministry, your goals, or in your relationships! But "don't abort the mission" because of the problems, difficulties, troubles, or hardships you are facing! Don't be surprised at the painful trials your are suffering right now for righteousness sake! Be glad to suffer for Christ! Count it all joy that God trusted you enough to handle "The Mission"! Don't Abort the Mission!
30 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - Come Out! (30Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
As we approach the end of another year, God is calling out to His people, to "Come Out!" It is most fitting that as we prepare to wind down another year, we take time to clean up or dispose of those things that are not aligning with the will of God as we go forth into the new year! The principle in Revelation 18:4 concerns separation from evil by God's people! God is calling His people to "Come Out" from her, the sins of mystical Babylon!
29 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - Surviving the Stress (28Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
Surviving the stress is obtainable only in Jesus Christ! Jesus is encouraging us not to become weighed down with the basic concerns of this world because we have a Father who cares! Unfortunately, in many instances when we encounter hardships, tribulations, pain and suffering, we succumb to stress rather than viewing these experiences as means by which God can strengthen our faith and mold our character! Having a saving relationship with God makes coping with stress attainable and less fearful!
17 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - The Joy of Hearing (16Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
Those who have "ears to hear" allow the Word to bear fruit to the glory of God! It is up to the hearer to decide whether to take the Word seriously and pursue understanding. Only a few are willing and the rest have ears, but they do not have "ears to hear"! Whenever Jesus says, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear," He is calling for people to pay careful attention and to take heed! We today must have ears to hear God's voice speaking to us and a willingness to take heed!!!!
15 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - Joy In The Journey (14Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
Did you know that in Jesus' final prayer, He prayed that His disciples would experience the full measure of His joy - now! As we build a faith-filled relationship with God, we find joy in the pursuit of His divine Will and our faithful service! As our faith grows, we find true joy by resting in the love of Christ, His victories, His unselfish service, His divine wisdom and His faithfulness! Trusting, obeying and following God, we find joy in the journey of life no matter what we encounter because Jesus is walking with us!
11 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - It Is Time To Let Go (10Dec2020l

Arnette D. Owen
We've all been there! Letting go is one of the hardest things to do! Letting go can even be painful! It's so easy to try to hold on to things, but we must trust that the Lord has something better, let go. Faith in God and His Holy Word provides us with the courage and wisdom to let go of whatever God didn't send or ordained. It is time to let go, so that we can move closer to the Lord and receive what God desires to give us! It is time to live the way the Lord has instructed us to live!
10 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - Standing UpTO Bullies (09Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
We must cultivate a closeness with God through prayer and Bible study. This prepares us for serving, trusting and obeying God's commands and His lordship faithfully! We must not give in to bullies, but surrender to the Spirit of the Lord and remain prayerful. God will give us His wisdom, His Holy Spirit, His strength and fortify our faith to prevail over bullies and evil! After all, we are the head, royalty and a chosen priesthood called by God to overcome evil with good and righteousness! Please click on the link below to listen to today's Devotion! Thanks!
08 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - Prevailing Faith (07Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
We must let our prevailing faith move us into a life of obedience and surrendered living in the will of God! Through our prevailing faith, we destroy the power of the enemy who seeks to stop God's people from attaining what God has ordained us to do! Although Satan may be using giants of troubles and obstacles against us right now, through our prevailing faith, we shall prevail and experience God's overflowing blessings and unspeakable joy!
04 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - A Glad Heart (03Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
With so much pain, suffering, sadness and distress in the world, there's good news! We can have a glad heart and real joy in our souls!!! When we place our confidence in God alone, and know with certainty that He is our Protector, Savior, Friend and Provider, then we will have "A Glad Heart" and rejoice in the goodness of the Lord and His divine wisdom, timing and provisions! Now, my heart is glad, and my tongue rejoices as I am secure in the blessed hope and the assurance in Jesus Christ, His love and His righteousness!
03 December 2020

Pastor Arnette - Daily Devotion - Finding Joy In the Midst of the Storm (02Dec2020)

Arnette D. Owen
Have life's experiences and circumstances suffocated your joy? Have the storms of life caused you to take your focus off the Lord? Have the turbulent waters raging all around you shifted your focus causing you to sink when the stormy winds strike? Have the pains, suffering and brokenness eroded your faith and caused you to doubt and even distrust God in the storms? Well today's Devotion will help you refocus your attention on the Lord and enjoy His restorative power in the midst of life's storms.