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Rasta Empire Radio
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About the station


Our background and history...

Reggae Music in Zimbabwe is the most popular as a music genre for all ages and is one of the most family friendly music genres in the country. Tracing its roots from the days of the liberation struggle when reggae music was used to give moral support to the black majority who were fighting the colonialists. With local artists like Thomas Mapfumo being arrested and detained for their controversial lyrics. At the same time reggae music from all over the world and particularly Jamaica was spreading like a wildfire, with artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Joseph Hill topping worldwide radio charts, reggae became the soul healer for the black community during the liberation struggle. On the 18th of April 1980 the legendary Bob Marley graced the occasion. The venue, Rufaro Stadium where he perfomed a livication chant titled Zimbabwe for the new black nation of Zimbabwe.

Marcus Garvey Records (MGR) was founded in 2009 we are now celebrating our 12th year annivesary. Taking our name from the name of black Nationalist, Prophet and Philosopher the Great Marcus Mossiah Garvey from Jamaica. REM is one of Kambuzuma’s favourite studios, with an aim of increasing its audience and following. We have a great history and reputation for recording revolutionary reggae music.

Our long term vision toward a re-embracement of Rastafarian values in contemporary reggae music by recording material which is concerned primarily with spirituality and social consciousness, explores common themes, such as Babylon's corrupting influence, the disenfranchisement of ghetto youth, oppression of the black nation and abiding faith in Jah Rastafari and resistance against perceived agents of oppression in line with International reggae recording artists such as Capleton, Norris Man, Turbulence, Buju Banton, Anthony B, Luciano, and the new generation of artists like Kabaka Pyramid, Chronix, Protoje, Jesse Royal etc.

We also focus closely on nurturing talents and this has been evident with the success of artists like Tocky Vibez, Iley Creation, Slota Di Chanta, Draka T, DVA T that were natured at REM over the past years, and producers like Fire King, Ethernol, Ras LNT, JR, Sir Bills etc.

On 24 August 2012, Marcus Garvey Records was destroyed by a accidental fire which led to many years of absence in the industry. MGR was re-established in January 2021, now trading with the trade name Rasta Empire Music. Our studio is located centrally in the region of one of the oldest suburbs of Harare at 111 Rasta Westwood Drive, Westwood, Kambuzuma, Harare.


Rasta Empire Music

+263 772 615 511 / +263 718 678 115

Rasta Empire Radio
Rasta Empire Radio

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