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The Unsigned & Independent Network
LIVE SHOWS: UK Times Shown - Global Broadcast, See promo for universal times.
Spams Bangers: Weekdays 12-2pm
The Killogic Effect: Weekdays 2-5pm
The Graven Metal Vault: Mon & Fri 1-3am
ALC’s Free4All: Mon 7-8pm
Mikki’s Metamorphic Rock: Mon 9-11pm
Pipe Dreams: Mon 11pm-1am
TAGGEd the hub: Tue 8-11pm
Bespoke LIVE!: Tue 9-10pm
11Tronix: Tue 11pm-12:30am
Daves Retro Hour: Wed 12:30-2am
The U&I Charts: Wed 7-11pm
Edd’s Head: Thu 7-9pm
Rap-it-Up: Thu 9-11pm
TOAD SHOW: Fri 7-9pm
Showy Mcshowface: 9-11pm
Garage of Dreams: Fri 11pm-1am
TAGGEd: Subs Saturday: Sat 7-11pm
Lil' Bits Electrolab: Sat 11pm-12am
Not Ur Usual Beat: 8-11pm
The Shade Garden: Sat 11pm-12am
Archers Blues Pit: Sun 12am-1am
Prerecorded content from great DJ's across the globe 24/7 around this including:
Sound Pylon
Metal Postcard
The Balcony Show
Metal Coffee Podcast
The Earworm Show
Formula Indie
PA Rock Show
Halshack Indie Rockcast
The New Music Food Truck
To Love Sophia
TSP Country Music
Ketch A Vibe
Come n Get It
The Roots Of House
The Independent Music Show
Vittek Tape
Unsigned Hype
Are You Telling Me Porkies?
Best Of British
Realive Radio
The Westfield Alliance Indie Show
If you'd like your songs featured, create an artists account and submit your music to www.XRPRadio.co.uk
XRP Radio is committed to bringing you the best fresh, new music, comedy and drama from unsigned and independent artists, whether that's bands signed to indie labels with money to invest in studio time and promotion, or artists making tracks in their bedrooms using Cubase, Logic or a 4-track recorder, old-skool style. Whatever gets the freshest sounds from their ideas to your ears is cool with us.
If you would like to join the XRP Radio team, please send an email to inquire@XRPRadio.co.uk

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October 7, 2022