WOW Radio Metal
WOW Radio Metal

Powerful alternative radio. All-business radio pumping the metal. Heavy metal in all its forms is a staple of the station. The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run. A Lionheart Entertainment station owned by Lionheart Enterprises and mogul CEO Johnny Electric and Russian partners. Richard Weber is the master impersonator, but Lionheart credit no one as a sound engineer for the station. Lionheart does not credit the sound crew. A Lionheart Entertainment station owned by billionaire mogul CEO Johnny Electric, and Russian trading partners. Lionheart Enterprises is formerly Lionheart Productions and Lionheart Incorporated.

The Technossance Age of Radio, also known as new-time radio in the world. It began with the birth of internet radio broadcasting and new-age radio drama when television gradually morphed into reality shows. Buck Rogers and Mario Juan Valez are among DJs broadcasting live with shows from 2014 to 2016.

No one from Lionheart Enterprises owns the music or rights to the music broadcast on WRICH radio. Lionheart considers the content as fair rights, used for educational purposes. Fair dealing is for everyone. At times, radio shows and certain content may contain offensive language and/or negative stereotypes.

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