WAVH FM Talk 106.5
WAVH FM Talk 106.5
WAVH is a commercial radio station that carries the brand FM Talk 106.5 and broadcasts a talk radio format. Its studios are located in Daphne, Alabama. It broadcasts to the Mobile metropolitan area where listeners can listen live to its programming on the 106.5 FM dial. It is also available globally via online live streaming.

FM Talk 106.5 broadcasts various shows locally produced to better cater to the interests and needs of its community. Its line-up features talk shows where hosts and guests discuss current affairs and politics, in-depth news reports with the latest local, national, and international news, weather and traffic updates, and sports programs that cover the main national leagues as well as the performance of local teams. 

Main shows and hosts

This Morning - America's First News with Gordon Deal and Jennifer Kushinka
Mobile Mornings with Dan Brennan and Dalton Orwig
The Jeff Poor Show
Midday Mobile with Sean Sullivan
The Paul Finebaum Show
FMTalk1065 Sports Night with Dalton Orwig and Corey LaBounty

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