Toto Shine Radio
Toto Shine Radio

Based in Dayton, NJ  - Toto Shine Space Online Radio aims to discover, motivate, promote talents and encourages more creative in kids. Our station designed to entertain everyone but most of the shows are partially prepared and produced by the kids with the minimal adult supervision….

We broadcast on weekends Financial Shows, Meditation Shows, Technology Shows, Quiz Shows and a whole variety of general interest educational contents. We also feature children guests to promote their talents. Listen out for our interviews on weekends.

We broadcast music and features attractive to everyone even those who are young at heart. So tell them to tune in now and Toto Shine Space Online Radio will do the rest!

A part YOU can play to help us build our audience and reach many more kids is to SPREAD THE WORD! With your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and emails - tell everyone Toto Shine Space Online Radio is happening and is ready to receive news of your children clubs or the individual kids break ground anywhere around the world.

We are Toto Shine Space Online Radio and we are here to entertain and give many more children a platform to shell case their talents around the World.

Toto Shine Space

Toto Shine Space

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Few Sports Left to Fill

Looking for kids ages 10 - 14. Visit for more

August 29, 2022