The Laws and Commandments Of Elohim
The Laws and Commandments Of Elohim

In every nation in the world, there are laws that govern the people in that particular Nation or country.

Most nations are recognized by the strict or lenient rules that set their standards.

As you know, the more strict the government that you have, the more peaceful and less criminal activity will occupy its borders.

The opposite is true for the more lenient government. The more crime and immorality that occupy its borders. These two types of government will also dictate the Environmental impact that it would have on its occupants.

This is clear when you read or hear the word of Elohim. The more you listen to the laws and Commandments of Elohim you realize that what your creator wants for you is a peaceful and safe Community.

No one that Embraces immorality is allowed in the congregation of Elohim. This must become a new way of life for you to gain entrance.

James had said, the hearer of the word of Elohim will not be blessed but the doer shall be blessed in his deeds.

So listen with the intent to do and practice. May the grace of Elohim be with you all.

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