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Jammin' oldies and more is the theme of the most popular internet station playing the very best from the 60s to the first decade of the 2000s. While terrestrial stations play the same researched playlist, TB2 Radio cuts through that homogenized tightness and bring you a broad variety of music that make you want to dance, rock, jam and to slow jam. You will hear music from the disco era to the new jack swing, hip-hop to boy/girl band favorites. Starting September 5th, TB2 bring you blues and southern soul every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM Central Time and Revenge of the 80s Radio Saturday nights at 10:00 PM Central Time. TB2 Radio is heard all around the world and quickly becoming the most popular jammin' oldies station on the globe. Look for us on Facebook and Twitter and join the Hipsville Universe.....TB2 Radio...The Big Throwback!

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