Tardigrade Radio
TARDIGRADE RADIO is a digital broadcasting radio station that uses satellite facilities to air its programmes. Some of its programmes include verifiable, authentic and scintillating news; jingles, advert placements, announcements, music, documentaries et al. It is a subsidiary of Tardigrade Publishers and Bookstore (TAPUB). Its team of resilient and indefatigable staff bulldozes all hurdles through hard work, creativity, objectivity, tenacity, moral rectitude, and strict adherence to professional ethics and emerges as a sterling quintessence in journalism and the broadcasting industry. Most of all, we do not accept or broadcast adverts or announcements carrying racial or xenophobic insinuations or prejudice, libelous language or any message capable of stirring up or sparking off mayhem in the society. To close, our cardinal aim is to foster peaceful coexistence among the diverse cultures, religions, tribes, ethnic groups and races that exist in the entire world, as well as promote good governance, accountability, altruism, propriety and economic prosperity at all levels of governance through empirical studies and professional reporting.

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