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Synthwave Club

Synthwave Club ( - Broadcast of freely available tracks by independent composers. Use this submission form: to append your track to radio playlist or email me to eugenyh (at) gmail (dot) com. Please don't attach your MP3 directly, use Google drive, Drop box or something like this. Due to 128kbps stream, use the same bitrate in submitted tracks. Thank you!

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Dear friends!

Due to technical reasons I was not able to air another episode of alt electronic nations last Friday. Therefore, this episode will be aired on Monday at 10:00 am Almaty time.

August 26, 2023

Dear friends!

Alt Electronic Nation show is back! Live broadcast you can see at and recorded version here on our radion every Friday at 10:00 am Almaty time.

July 20, 2023

AEN Show News

Friends, while Coolmowee took a temporary timeout, your attention is invited to a retrospective of past shows unheard of on our radio. As usual every Friday at 10:00 (Almaty time). Happy listening!

April 7, 2023