Skye Radio

Pioneers of Life Through Meaning

Where it all Began

Skye Radio was born out of the need to create a  platform that would synergize responsible media with outstanding entertainment and lifestyle enhancement.

With focus on empowering listeners and viewers through thought provoking,

Positive content, Skye endeavors to take you on a journey that enraptures your soul with music, wellness, entertainment, health and  general knowledge.

Who we are

Skye radio started as a global online radio station that brought incredible value to the diverse landscape of its target population and resembled the rainbow nation that it was born from.

Multicultural shows propagating the spirit of Ubuntu and engaging listeners from different

Religious festivals has been an incredible opportunity for us to encourage cross cultural learning and understanding.

Our content on air and off air is uplifting and we aim to leave our listeners transported from the monotony of daily frustration.

How we have grown

Since our inception in 2016, we have had multiple studios in Johannesburg and Kwazulu-Natal, greater South Africa and have been invited to broadcast from studios in Pavillion Mall and Westwood mall.

We have also been guests of honor and had the privilege of broadcasting the Mrs Universe pageant from the ICC, his honorable majesty King Goodwill Zwelitinis birthday, finalists in Kzn business SMME awards, interviewed and hosted personalities such as Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Robin Banks, Dr Dermartini, Mahatriya Ra, not to mention a live interview at our Pavillion Mall Studio of renowned artist Jay Sean.

Where to From here

We are looking to build viable partnerships with relevant organizations to enhance both of our brands and footprint’s.

We are aiming to enhance the experience of Skye by delving into life transformation through interactive mediums of empowering people through challenges that get them thinking and acting about the better good for themselves and their communities.

As such our partners need to be reflexive and optimistic, as well open to an array of giveaways and competitions.

We are exceptionally proactive with first hand contact and comfortable enough to impromptu story-telling of a brand when the need arises as per the needs of the business on air and online through our app, website and social media handles.

From organizing events and broadcasting offsite to studio set up, we ensure that our quality is not compromised.

Community Service driven initiatives have been at the forefront of Skyeradio projects and we wish to continue developing young and upcoming talent by creating platforms to air their genre of strength and up skill them into multi-skilled teams within the new and changing digital broadcast industry.

Local musicians and entertainers are encouraged to share their gifts and inspire other’s through their journey on Skyeradio.

We look forward to Transforming lives through Meaningful engagement with you and your team.

Kind Regards

Team Skye