Sebuleni Africa Radio
Sebuleni Africa Radio

Sebuleni in Kiswahili is the place where the family, nuclear or extended, sit to listen to stories of the day or catch up with long-lost visiting friends or family members.

SebulenI Africa Radio, is a production of BLISS OASIS AFRICA which publishes Sebuleni Africa online magazine that is aimed at promoting Africa's artistic talents. We promote them by showcasing their short fiction, poetry, essays, art, and poetry.

If you are an African budding writer, poet, musician or artist, living anywhere on the continent or in the Diaspora, you can reach out to us so that you can be featured on the radio, or have your work published on the website or featured here. You may contact us through this email address

You can also call/WhatsApp +254 074037831

Sebuleni Africa

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July 15, 2021