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Enjoy contemporary Christian music on OMP Radio. Online Midnight Payer radio offers Midnight prayers, music, and entertainment that’s safe for the whole family, and here is what we think about you. We believe you’re not an accident. You’re not a mistake. We believe if you are breathing today, you are here for a reason, your life has a purpose, and you matter. And we believe that when you matter then the things that you do matter, that they make a difference and that you are here to be a difference-maker. We believe that whether the difference you make extends to the far reaches of the earth or just within the four walls of your home, it’s vital, it matters and that no one can make that difference like you and we seek to celebrate people like you every day! OMP Radio provides you with Great music that’s Positive and Uplifting, providing hope and truth from today’s best Christian artists with on-air personalities that share your values and are passionate about what they do. So tune in! Here’s our weekday lineup: • Midnight Prayer with Pastor Alfred Acquaye 11:30pm-1::00AM • Mon - Wednesday“ The Healing Touch of the Holy Spirit - 10:30pm - 11:30am (Pastor Alfred Acquaye Partnership Meetings Night, 10:30PM – 11:45pm Thanks for listening!

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