Rebel Radio S.A
Rebel Radio S.A

"Life's like a box'o chocolates", Radio should be the same, just with NO "Flavor guide". Some "flavors" are favorites, others are new, & some take getting used to. We are a NON-Profit amateur international online radio station broadcasting from our beloved South Africa.We promoting GREAT MUSIC, mostly music that other big stations have forgotten about, or are just not willing to play.

We do this for the LOVE of MUSIC, and not for our own gain.
We will LOVE to hear from what country you listen in from.

We are excited to see listeners in..

    1. South Africa, 2. France, 3. Saudi Arabia, 4. United States,

    5. Mozambique, 6. Germany, 7. Chile, 8. Colombia,

    9. Costa Rica, 10. Denmark, 11. Switzerland, 12. The Netherlands,

    13. Japan, 14. Guatemala, 15. Uganda, 16. Scotland,

    17. Australia, 18. New Zealand, 19. Malawi, 20. Romania,

    21. Bolivia, 22. Argentina, 23. Mexico, 24. Nicaragua!

    25. Honduras 26. United Kingdom 27. Venezuela

    28. Brazil

    WOW... THANK YOU !!

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    You can Whatsapp our studio on +27 78 606 8218. We would LOVE to hear from you!!

    If you are a sensitive soul or easily offended... This might NOT be the station for you!

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As you know, we are an independent broadcast station. For us, It has always been hard to maintain our broadcast without your support. To support us, please click to the donate button and then choose the app you’ll donate with. Thank you very much!

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