Radio Kishore
Radio Kishore

"Pyaare Bandhuo.. Meri Tarah Kishore Da Ke Gaano Ke Premiyo.. Aap Sabhi Ka #Radio Kishore Naam Ke Iss Online Radio Station Mein Swagat Hai"

Welcome my fellow "Kishorians" to this online radio station called "RadioKishore" where you can tune in anytime and enjoy listening to the amazing immortal songs of this great legend. It's been 34 years since this powerhouse of a voice left us but his songs will always be with us forever

This radio will play any & every song of the great legend, there will be interviews of other great legends talking about Kishore Kumar, trivias related to the songs he sung, stories about his fun loving side.

We will also have the selected Smule songs from the hardcore Kishore Kumar fans (like me) playing here in this radio station every now and then - as a tribute to this ultimate genius :)

Feel free to check out my facebook group : - which will be filled with all the popular/lost melodies of Kishore Kumar

Radio Kishore

Radio Kishore

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Moods Of Kishore Episode 2 - Kishore Da Ka Dard

19th Mar (Sat) at 9.30 PM EST (Sun 7 AM India) and 20th Mar (Sun) at 9.30 PM IST (4 PM GMT)

March 19, 2022