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The Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) was founded in 1897 in Scranton Pennsylvania. It was created to provide a more value focused church compared to the rigid Roman Catholic hierarchy, by Polish immigrant, Father Franciszek Hodur and the people he served. It was Bishop Hodur’s mission to provide a church responsive to the people’s needs, support them in their journey to Christ’s Salvation, and empower the laity as they worked with the clergy. Many are surprised that the Roman Catholic Church recognizes the sacraments of the PNCC. This includes ordination of priests and bishops, anointing of the sick, and confirmation. Most importantly, Roman Catholics can receive communion at PNCC parishes. People of all faith backgrounds, including Roman Catholics, are welcomed and allowed at the Polish National Catholic Church. Our mission is to bring the joy of Jesus and His fulfillment to every life that walks through our doors!

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