Radio Mango Tree
Radio Mango Tree

Radio En Ba Mango Started in the mid 80s and is located in the village of Grand Bay in the Commonwealth of Dominica, our call sign is the voice of the South the mouth of Grand Bay because our village can be found in the South of Dominica including the name South City is also given to Grand Bay because it's located in the South of the Island. The young man behind it all is Urban Dangleben aka Man'I and because of his profession in the field of electronics so because of Urban technical ability hence the creation of the first private commercial radio station on the Island of Dominica, Urban lived in France for few years then returned to Guadeloupe

where he stationed and worked for several years in the field of electronics, and also in the capacity as an extreme popular Radio DJ and also as TV talk show host, then nostalgia motivated him to return to his home land, and few years living in his home land the new culture in his home land did not give him the chance to equipped himself to find solution to deal with such inexplicable comportment towards him from a large amount of his compatriots and one of the main reasons he realized which was behind that was because of the government in power at the moment who granted Radio En Ba Mango the broadcasting license was then Prime Minister Dame Mary Eugenia Charles of the Dominica Freedom Party, in which Urban constituency was on the opposition side of the DFP. then seeing that Urban left his home land at a very young age so he never thought politics had turn out to be not what he new it was before he migrated to France.

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Radio Mango Tree

Radio Mango Tree

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The Voice Of South The Month Of The People

Our aim is to share the 4 letter word L.O.V.E all over the globe

September 27, 2022