Radio Khaltsha
Radio Khaltsha
Radio Khaltsha is by youth for youth.

Khayelitsha radio station

Number one youth radio station in Western Cape, based in Cape Town, Khayelitsha, the second biggest township in South Africa.

This initiative is by youth for youth. This radio station exists because of you (artists), to express yourself in an artistic way, we believe that every artist has their way of communicating with the world.

The studio is the property of Yes Media House®. One of our goals is to empower young people, especially local artists around Cape Town.

We encourage people with a positive spirit in action, offering practical and affordable opportunities to turn the world around by initially building the 'youth of South Africa' and promoting strong personal growth.

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As you know, we are an independent broadcast station. For us, It has always been hard to maintain our broadcast without your support. To support us, please click to the donate button and then choose the app you’ll donate with. Thank you very much!

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Radio Khaltsha

Radio Khaltsha

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August 16, 2022

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January 31, 2022