Promogos Radio
Promogos Radio

Our ONLINE Radio Station is the Voice of Promogos Ministries, which mission is to Promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation of the earth through preaching, teaching, serving and sharing the good news of the gospel to the whole world, which means beyond its walls, its community, its city, even its territory. We don't see the place we are serving as our limit; we go further as Jesus commanded us to do.

Our daily programming is more centered on worship songs, for we all know and believe that Praise and Worship are the best way to give glory and honor to our God. So, we, as ministers, have dedicated our station to this aspect of our ministry.

You too can be part of this spirit-led ministry by being part supporters of this online radio ministry in any way you can, helping us go further to reach as many people as possible. We would be more than happy to count you as listener to the Promogos Radio Team's mission.

We are pleased to welcome you to this worship lifestyle journey.


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As you know, we are an independent broadcast station. For us, It has always been hard to maintain our broadcast without your support.

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Promogos Radio

Promogos Radio

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