Poetryland Radio
Poetryland Radio
Poetryland Radio is a 95° hotter for bringing in and out fresh spoken word,poetry music at its peak.
It caters for well known artistic giants and inevitable talents of the world. We bring art news that matters
like visual arts exhibitions ,auditions, theatre shows, competitions and festivals.

Poetryland accept musical works, poetry in audio and music form.
Artists are encouraged to submit their works for guaranteed airplay.
We will be partnering with industry bodies to create performance
platforms for poets who trade on stage performance.
We will have informative sessions with aborigines of the whole article disciplines.

Entertainment and preservance of histories , cultures and traditions as we prosper to the new era
Poetryland Radio is an open window to hear out different volumes of voices.
We stand to inspire, entertainment,innovation and setting up downtrodden talents.
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Looking forward to a big bright familyhood.

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