Paranormal King Radio Network was born to bring together the best collection of paranormal talk shows featuring the best hosts and guests the field has to offer, including top notch authors and you, the regular people who have come forward to tell your stories. When you combine that with the greatest music from all over the world in every genre it is the most explosive and entertaining combination anyone can ask for. Join the various hosts and dj to take you to that next interactive level and join the search for the truth while celebrating with music and dance and lifting everyone’s spirits for a happier positive experience. Ross Raposo continues to earn his nickname, the King, in everything he does, conquering the paranormal field of real life and entertaining situations and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to scouting the very best talent the world has to offer. He always is keeping the most important piece of the puzzle, you, the listener, intrigued and interactive. Welcome to Paranormal King Radio Network. You have joined a winning community in a 100% drama free zone where negativity is met with a permanent ban to secure that it is a joyous sometimes spooky good time. You, the listeners, are the reason Ross Raposo will not rest until the shows continue to improve as well as the hosts and guests and even the music requests. The schedule will continue to fill up with only the best in talk radio and music shows. That is a commitment that, with your help and loyalty, with your feedback and his determination to succeed, will all fall in place as he strives for excellent achievement in broadcasting and real life scenarios. Be part of a winning team and become a solid leader into the unknown with this entertaining radio network that will never be duplicated through your interaction and knowledge. Prepare to become the next guest and host and dj but more importantly the supportive engine that runs the vessel and together, thanks to you, we will find the answers towards improving every day.

Paranormal King Radio Network

Paranormal King Radio Network

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