It is an undeniable fact that the youth are the future leaders of our country. The development of every nation depends on the knowledge, skills, and patriotism of the youth. It is paramount to educate our youth to understand and digest socio-economic and political issues both on the domestic and international scenes. Unfortunately, the youth of Ghana are far behind in every sphere of the social, political and economic lives. How do we bridge the knowledge gap between the Ghanaian youth and their counterparts in the advanced economies? To equip our youth to efficiently contribute their quota towards the advancement of our dear nation, PAB-MC is delivering the solution. PAB-MC is a local firm registered under the company's Act of 1962 Act 151, with a vision to address the numerous challenges facing our youth. Tools such as dialogue, interactions, seminars, workshops, conferences, event management and media advocacy have been adopted to propagate issues of national concerns.

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