OSFest Radio
OSFest Radio

Continuous OSFest Radio Stream for Browser or Viewer Parcel Audio https://stream.zeno.fm/m8nfgolpqxpvv


OSFest celebrates the creative talents of residents in the decentralized Hyperverse. We welcome merchants, exhibit presenters, and entertainment artists. For two full weeks, including weekends, we'll have music, dance, art, and merchant expos in one place - the OSFest Grid!  This is an all volunteer effort with a limited number of free parcels for exhibitors and merchants provided by the grid sponsors. 


OSFest is currently organized by people who are no strangers to virtual spaces or OpenSimulator. Our team consists of Entertainers, Merchants, Tech Architects, Code Maintainers, and Graphic Artists. Together we provide the frame for the creative talents in this space to share their works.

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OSFest Website

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The Jazz-Blues Era Sept 15-30, 2023

July 20, 2023