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OMS Network is a nationwide network and under three (3) umbrella mainly. We have the OMS Foundation (NGO), OMS Ministries (Outreach) and OMS Consultancy (Business). OMS is an acronym for Online Missions. The main purpose is to impact generations and all about soul winning. OMS Law is the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ between two points is directly proportional to winning of souls for Christ across the two points. Equation for OMS is therefore W=SR where W= Word of God, S=Soul Winning and R=Resistance. The medium can be Social Media or any medium accessible or available. In between the two points refers to where gospel is being propagated as the source and where soul is receiving as destination. This simply means as the gospel is spreading, souls are being won through effective mediums. This is the sole prerogative of OMS Network TV. We affect lives through our Outreach and NGO as the bible says we should go into the world to preach the gospel. This has been the mission and vision of OMS Impact in all its areas. We are currently using the slogan and mission of the Late Founder Rev. Ossei Mensa-Sapong which goes “MISSIONS, OUR HEARTS BEAT” Our Vision is as below “IMPACTING MILLIONS OF LIVES, AT ALL NOOKS AND CORNERs, THROUGH THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL, THROUGH ALL MEDIUMS AVAILABLE TO WIN SOULS FOR CHRIST.” Anchor Scripture:- Mark 16:15-20 . 15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. OMS TV SPONSORSHIP / PARTNERSHIP OMS NETWORK TV has over two thousands (2000s) of viewership and if it touches your heart to support or sponsor any of our programs in cash or kind you are always welcome. God bless you in advance for your support and sponsorship. Please note that all sponsorship are what we give out as OMS NETWORK TV. You can choose to sponsor weekly or monthly with any amount. Below are some of the areas we need sponsorship. • Support with cash or kind • Support with internet Data for online broadcasting • We also give to children's home and all that so you can also support with some o Clothes / Fabric / Materials o Food o Drinks o Water o Biscuits o And others Gadget Sponsorship • Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Accessories (Pendrive, External Hard Drives) • Cameras and Accessories (For Pictures and Video Recordings) • Internet Devices • Software’s For Live Streaming (Payment of Zoom Software) You can collaborate with us monthly as well with below partnership categories • Bronze Partnership – Monthly Contributions From 50 to 500 Ghana Cedis • Silver Partnership – Monthly Contributions From 500 to 1000 Ghana Cedis • Gold Partnership – Monthly Contributions from 1000 Cedis and above Below are ways you see value for money through sponsorships or partnerships. Thus when you sponsor you will be advertised on OMS Network TV and Radio • Programs • Flyers • Facebook Page • Instagram Page • Generate a certificate as our proud sponsor yearly • We will also call you and pray for you and if there is any prophetic word from the Lord, we shall release it unto you. OMS NETWORK LIBRARY in conjunction with Win a Soul for Christ also provide free e-books for cherished viewers and through their e-library section. If you want, any Christian Literature just send us a message and we shall send you. This advertisement can be your company or product we will advertise on our programs. Proverbs 11:24-25 says 24 One gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds what is right, only to become poor. 25 A generous soul will prosper, and he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.… Click Below link to register for partnership SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES FACEBBOOK PAGE HANDLE: DIGITAL RADIO STATION LINK: INSTAGRAM PAGE HANDLE: You can contact us through the following numbers 0209016972 or 0544346879 or email We do appreciate your time and support for OMS Network TV programs. God richly bless you. Signed: OMS NETWORK TV

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