Whats shakin familaaaay just wanted to holla at u for a minute. (Nda Pocket Philly Internet Radio Station) is a station that very simply stated; to play music by our Philly artist. For so long artist in Philly never had a venue that showcase their talent and artistry if they weren’t of a certain stature so to speak. So with covid 19 & everything else going on to stop us from performing and doing what we do I prayed and prayed and asked the most High what can I do to look out for the Philly music family? By the way it's a very large community young, old and in between lol. My point is we need an outlet where people can get a chance to hear us and we get a chance to hear each other too, and enjoy the different flavors of music we have to offer, if we had a place to showcase this. Well now by the Grace, Mercy and Blessings of the most High God, we have that venue, U diggg. Its called "Nda Pocket Philly Internet Radio" And Nda Pocket Philly Gospel Internet Radio Nda Pocket International Internet Radio ANNND It's 24/7 that’s right 24/7 baby. All Philly, all the time. We’re featuring all genres. JAZZ, R&B, GOSPEL, RAP, ROCK, LATIN, SPOKEN WORD, POETRY U NAME IT Philly has it. We will be playing it all. So I'm reaching OUT to everybody spread the word there’s a lot of talent just waiting to b heard let your friends and family know to spread the word & check out::::: Nda Pocket Philly Internet Radio 24/7 All Philly All The Time And with over a 100 Artist and growing it is worth your time and effort to come and check out Nda Pocket Philly I guaranty u will definitely enjoy. ARTIST PLEASE SEND YOUR TUNES IN MP3 FORMAT TO ndapocketphillyliiive@gmail.com

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