Ministry Of Trance Radio
Ministry Of Trance Radio
  • Congratulations!! You have found the best and ONLY Trance radio streaming service out of Myanmar. We love Trance and we only serve Trance and all its varieties 24/7. For 2021, we are working to bring you live DJ streams on weekends. All info regarding our latest shows, DJs and their stream times will be posted on our FB page. So visit our FB page link below and click "Like” and stay informed.

We offer our listeners two services:

  • Continuous net radio stream.

  • On-demand streaming of select sets.

NEW❗️Ministry Of Trance Radio: Podcasts

  • Try out our new Podcasts section that allows you to play your favorite sets from our select DJs on-demand 24/7. More sets from our resident DJs will be uploaded and this section will be continuously updated.

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Ministry Of Trance

Ministry Of Trance

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