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Summer’s here now and so is Pentecost, fifty days after the wavesheaf. Enjoy the sermons. Spring and summer holy days are about those being called now. Fall holydays are about what Christ will be doing with the rest of humanity after he returns. Pentecost is also called a “day of Firstfruits”, (Num 28:26) or Feast of Weeks of the wheat harvest, as it’s all about those being converted now as God’s first fruits harvest (James 1:18). Only firstfruits saints will be in the first resurrection, which we show to be on the very feast called First Fruits.

Why were two leavened loaves presented to God on this day. And what will we be doing after the 7th Trumpet, during the seven last plagues? And what VERY SPECIAL, exciting and joyous events are happening on this day and season of our gladness in prophecy? Where do we all go after being resurrected or changed to spirit?  Enjoy the messages and praise God for your high, high calling. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Remember to check out our website Light on the Rock the audio sermons, video sermons and the blogs with hundreds of subjects.

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April 27, 2024