La Super llegadora conectada al mundo de la radio por internet, emitiendo su señal atraves de banda ancha, los 365 días del ano, como la nueva forma de hacer radio desde donde inicia la patria mexicana Tijuana baja california México. como la nueva forma de hacer radio. We are an internet radio station born in the city of Tijuana baja california Mexico and is a project that is created with the need to be able to provide people who surf the internet from a computer or a Smartphone a website where they can access and To listen to songs that became successes from the years 50s - 60s in our country and that for some reason the presence of these musical subjects have been diminishing of a considerable way in the commercial radio stations The Super arriver tries to take back all this Music combining it with current musical themes and presents it to its audience intercalating with some live programs within the program. Among the musical genres within the program you can listen to are oldies, rock and roll, rock, pop, mariachi, banda sinaloense, norteño, cumbia and many more genres. musica, Oldies, rock and roll, jazz, banda, sinaloense, rock, pop, clasica, mariachi, balada, cumbia, nortenas, ranchera, recuerdo, solistas

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