The radio, as it has happened with other media, has changed its traditional format in recent decades to evolve along with new technologies, which are beginning to adapt around the world.

The future is promising. Every day the online radio is strengthened, the internet becomes cheaper and the wi-fi allows longer and cheaper connections.

With we are witnessing the most fascinating changes that have happened to radio throughout its history, changes that guarantee that its contents will continue accompanying us, entertaining and informing, putting our daily magic in our hands and improving our experience in its use.


Listen to the original songs and versions modified by the best producers in the world.


Our programming has been studied by the best professionals to please every taste and musical genre.


Our audio signal is supported by the latest generation in digital technology to sound like in the future from now on.

Listen to with the streaming technology that has been chosen by Apple as the main format for iPods and for its iTunes software.


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