I... I don't want any trouble. Okay, okay, listen up! Welcome to KDAX-FM, the radio station that's... (deep breath) broadcasting random MP3 files online. Please, just let me explain. We, uh, we play all kinds of music, from... from classic rock to hip-hop, jazz, and, and classical, you know, everything! We never know what's coming next, it's, it's completely random!

(voice trembling) Our team, they're really dedicated, always adding new songs from all over, making it so diverse, you know? We, we want to surprise listeners with unexpected tracks and... and create a community of music lovers. Please, just don't shoot, we're just trying to bring joy through music!

(sweating) I swear, we've got this interactive website and app where people can request songs too. You can pick genres or themes! We're just here to entertain, not to cause any trouble, I promise!

(sobs) So, please, just give it a chance, listen to KDAX-FM and let the... the random MP3 magic take over. You'll find something you like, I'm sure! Just... just don't do anything rash, okay? Music is meant to bring people together, not to hurt anyone!


listen to kdax-fm


July 26, 2023