Kayamba FM
Kayamba FM

Kayamba FM is an online radio station where the show is hosted by professionals who Endeavor to provide listeners with the latest research and trending topics. We bring to you a daily dose of knowledge in a fast-paced, fun and interactive way. We invite experts from FPD Institute and Dufico Consulting to be behind the microphone so everyone can learn something new every day.

True, researchers from FPD Institute break down scientifically written journal articles, videos and podcasts from the best research agencies in the World. They work with their partners to ensure that you get only the most up-to-date research on what matters most to you and our beloved country, South Sudan.


Listen to Kayamba Fm y live episodes every Saturday at 11 am Australian Eastern Standard Time, 9 pm US Eastern Daylight Time, 3 am Central Africa Time, and if you miss our live simulcast, you can always get it on our 24hour rolling program Dufico Media page or FPD Institute or go to Zeno.fm and search for Kayamba.


Kayamba FM

Kayamba FM

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May 5, 2022