JT Lite Online Radio FM is an independent online radio for your easy listening pleasure to help you get free from stress with relaxing music and positive reminders. This radio aims to give the listeners with the good feeling in every day life on the future of radio platforms in the virtual world. Listening to Jazz can actually have an effect on the type of brain waves you produce – which can be stimulating or relaxing. Stress relief. Listening to relaxing music is just as effective at reducing anxiety as a massage. Some describe jazz as “motivating, joyous, passionate, and uplifting”. JT Lite Online Radio FM plays from the traditional and modern jazz, which can be appealing to listeners of any age seeking to expand their cultural horizons through engagement with the world of music and the arts.

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Keep the World at Peace

Keep the World at Peace is an online drive to be of help in the midst of the pandemic where most people are worried, anxious, and are afraid. Through JT Lite Radio FM Jazz, Rn'B, everything smooth sounds, the world will be at peace.

January 13, 2022, 09:26 AM