As one of the largest martial arts clubs In Massachusetts, JFWKDA provides a vibrant environment for learning and training in World Taekwondo (WT) style Taekwondo. Kids and Adults train together to learn the beauty of the sport, get in and stay in shape, test for new belts, perform, compete, and more! We welcome all members of the JFW Taekwondo Academy community to join our club, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or join our practices if you are at all interested! Because JFW Taekwondo Academy is a USAT registered club and an official dojang, we do charge dues each semester. However, we also prioritize making JFW Taekwondo Academy accessible for all who want to join, so if fees are prohibitive, we offer to waive fees (contact our treasurer at fred.jeanfrancois@gmail.com). Furthermore, as you look to progress by testing and competing, we ask that you train at least twice a week to continue to develop your skills. We also highly encourage members to participate and attend tournaments! Whether it is in forms and/or sparring, tournaments are some of the best opportunities to put to the test what you learn in class and improve. They are also some of the most fun times of the club as we travel together, get up to Montreal, Canada, and just have an awesome overall experience.

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