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The Story of a Judge, Attorney, and a Niece to Extort Millions. In the Circuit Court of Scott County Arkansas is a case that has all the elements for a book and a movie. The case of Potter v. Holmes has been continuing for years and seemingly no one from outside of the court room gave interest in the case until now. Fredrick R. “Fred” Potter, 90 years old, is a Marine Corps, Army, and Army National Guard Veteran who served in the Korean War and in Germany. He was a multi-millionaire who became the victim of abuse, judicial misconduct, and a senior citizen extortion ring in a family trust dispute. From honorable service to his country, to becoming a multi-millionaire, to being stripped of his military records, his wife’s wedding rings, to being jailed as part of a scheme to gain control of all his and his wife’s assets, this is the Potter v. Holmes story. READ MORE at JusticeForFredPotter.com

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