International friends network
International friends network

Owners Brittany and Shaun had a passion for doing radio broadcasting. We basically thought about running an internet radio station and what we were going to name it, as well as what content we were going to play.

About the 10th day February 2022, we decided to start launching the station online.

The name of the station was named "International Friends Network" because we wanted to include every country in the world as part of our audience, regardless of disability, gender or their walk of life, making friends around the world and bringing people together as part of one big family.

We also broadcast various music genres, as well as programs for children, because we feel that children are being excluded from mainstream media, as we wanted to bring a safe, fun and educational entertaining place for them to come too.

We also include Christian programming on Sundays, as a way to bring church to the people,, so they didn't have to go out anywhere if they were unable to for some reason.

We are a nonprofit noncommercial community radio station, meaning we are all volunteers, so all of this is unpaid. Anyone is welcome to email the station at any time.

The International Friends Network is an online Community education entertainment, family friendly Radio station, its covered by a creative commons 3.0 attribution license. For more info or other licenses please visit

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International Friends Network

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Server Change

WE have Changed our server to if u wish to listen to us u can put in the new link and listen

March 23, 2023


Welcome To International Friends Network

January 28, 2023