Icy 100.3 FM
Icy 100.3 FM

Thank you for tuning in to, ICY100.3FM the number 1 radio station from Limpopo to Zambezi. We offer you a wide array of curated Shows and programs . The station offers non stop music hits to take you through your Day.

Enjoy live non stop music hits on our station and people stories with emotional influence 24/7.

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ICY100.3FM Offers at a glance


Afro beats

Amapiano extra

Dancehall Party


To send text messages or Call, Send IceMx to +263714221691.

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Happy Festive season

ICY100.3FM would like to wish you all our loyal listeners a Happy and Fun filled Festive season! We are working 24/7 to bring to you live music hits to enjoy your every moment.

December 15, 2022

Hit Music

Get non stop music ,Tune in every day 24/7 for non stop hit songs. We have a curated playlist to take you day long. Thanks to the crew behind the scenes.

December 1, 2022