ICRadio – an online radio, a confluence of the arts and popular culture among the youth in Iwaya Community.

This online community radio will provide information on socio-political matters, content on popular cultures and artistic endeavours within and outside Iwaya community, a suburb on the Lagos Mainland. The communities on the fringe of Iwaya community, are also within the geographical areas that will enjoy the coverage through this internet-based radio. 

Some ICRadio programmes will be pre-recorded in studios, rehearsal grounds, public spaces and at homes. Pre-edited before airing sometimes. Other programmes will be broadcasted live at the Tutuola Institute Home Office where our studio is based. We shall consider the languages of all the popular ethnicities within the coverage geographical areas as our means of information dissemination.

ICRadio is a project of Vernacular Art-space Laboratory (VAL Workstation) located at Onisemo Village, Ago-Egun, Iwaya Community. With this community-based intervention, we want to create a healthy virtual meeting space for educative artistic interventions, entertainment, intellectual interactions and information on arts and culture. The resolve of this community radio is to disseminate information that will challenge popular opinions through series of information filters that are not necessarily far from what is accepted as the new pop-concept or pop-idea and pop-style.

This project is initiated by #GoetheInstitutKinshasa, Congo and #TacticalTech, Berlin and supported by the #GoetheInstitutNigeria

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Iwaya Community Radio

Iwaya Community Radio

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Goethe Institute Kinshasa and Nigeria

Thank you for providing us with fund the platform to make this project a reality.

December 8, 2022

Hon. Tunde Pratt

Join us live tomorrow noon as we talk to Hon. Tunde Pratt on his mandate as the PDP candidate for the Lagos State House of Assembly for Lagos Mainland Consistuency II.

November 15, 2022


Listen to our live broadcast and our recorded interviews and shows.

July 24, 2022