ICAN-TALKS is about TALK TALK TALK AND MORE TALK. The concept of ICAN TALKS is another idea created and owned by Bijou, a 38 year old organization in Trinidad and Tobago established by Dr. Clarence A. Greene. Our agenda is to change our country and the world through conversation, making great ideas easy to access, igniting conversation. Establishing a global speakers bureau and setting the stage for change. To highlight the stories of women and to use this place ​Here at ICAN TALKS, we are building a reservoir of information and knowledge from the great thinkers in our communities and around the world. At all of our educational Conferences and other projects that we're involved, they are all driven by this goal: How can we best share knowledge that would make positive and lasting changes in lives across the globe. We are an independent broadcasting organization, and are not directly affiliated with any bodies or school. We were established to bridge every education system around the world and to discuss all the challenges and situations between the school system, the parent and the child in every country.. We also serve the schools, by trying to establish radio stations in as many schools as we can developing our youth with greater communication skills. Our Mission We strive to become a reference point to parent and children around the world in the best interest of children, and to use our platform as a place for open discussions in an atmosphere that can bring change. We also will be pointing individuals to international educational institutions we are affiliated with, and pointing those individuals to courses to upgrade your skills.

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June 28, 2021