HypeFM Radio
HypeFM Radio
In 1997 a reggae DJ by the name of Frankie Lexx. Originated out of Kingston, Jamaica rise to the occasion in South Florida and created a Caribbean radio station by the name of Hype FM Radio 104.5. Before everyone knew the radio station dial to be 104.5, however due certain circumstances the dial was change to 105.5. Hype FM Radio reaches out to 8 million people all over the world 7 days per week. Our main target are the Caribbean countries in which we have been successful and growing. We will also continue to teach and educate our future kids in the world.

Overall if you looking for a radio station that sooth your mind , then Hype FM Radio is one. We play a variety of music for all ages and genders and most of all we respect our listeners to the fullest so we ensure that the music out burst in your ears are clean qualities. We also various services like advertising and promoting, for more information just send us an email and we will get in touch with you within 24hrs. To keep you up-to-date we ensure that we provide you with an updated program schedule . Also we provide you with the schedule for the current day. You can view this on the right on side of our website. We also offer you the capability to listen and watch us live in the video or call us via your phone . If you like to meet and chat with other listeners while you listen to our music selections, we provide you a chat-room right at your finger tip.

From the staff of Hype FM Radio , WELCOME and we are very elated that you choose to listen to our station and to become a family member welcome!!!

Thank you
Frankie Lexx

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