House music refers to a large, hugely popular group of related Electronic Dance Music styles, initially developing from Disco in the early 1980s. Each of its numerous subgenres, whilst incorporating a large variety of different sounds and influences, generally follow the template of drum machine-led 4/4 rhythms with a kick drum on each beat. These include the soulful, eclectic sounds of Deep House to the 'hoover' synth of UK Hard House to the relaxed, atmospheric feel of Ambient House to the low frequency buzzing bass of Electro House. Other common musical traits include heavy use of repetition, synthesized basslines, samplers, off-beat hi hats, snares and claps. The birthplace of house is credited to Chicago, the name thought to stem from 'The Warehouse' nightclub where pioneer Frankie Knuckles, often called 'The Godfather of House Music', frequently DJed. Here, the club-friendly Roland TR-808 and Roland TB-303-led sequenced synth and drum sounds of Chicago House and the 'squelchy', modulated bass of Acid House began to emerge. However, the New York Garage House sound was also developing at a similar time (pioneered by DJ Larry Levan at the 'Paradise Garage' nightclub), retaining more of its disco origins, making greater use of piano and adopting a smoother, soulful, more organic set of sounds and influences.

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