Heavy Rock Show

The Heavy Rock Show went on the air for the very first time, way back in 1982 at Siddis Radio in Stavanger, Norway. We were Norway's first weekly hardrock/heavy metal program every Friday night at 7 PM. The Heavy Rock Show is still hosted by Svein Arild Johannessen. W play hardrock/metal/AOR music from all over the world -> to the whole wide world! And yes, we are still playing our listeners favourites. Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Dio, Def Leppard, Kiss....and all the new ones. In 2010 our radioprograms became available on the internet. And the shows were published every Friday at 7 PM (Greenwich +2). We have listeners worldwide, and find this a bit odd, since our host Svein Arild speaks in the norwegian language. But all the interviews are done in english language. That could be the answer why the Heavy Rock Show have listeners worldwide. Today bands/artists worldwide promote their music using The Heavy Rock Show, and why schouldn't they? Welcome to The Heavy Rock Show!

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